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Mango salad

Cleaneating in Thailand

Your biggest nemesis in Thailand will be the sugar, Thai food is full of it. I had been prepared to say no to added sugar in fruit drinks and coffees when ordered however after doing a Thai cooking class on Koh Lanta it came glaringly obvious just how much sugar...

Koh Lanta

Relaxing on Koh Lanta

We took some much needed down time on Koh Lanta, we ended up staying 5 nights which could have been more as this is a big island, however can end up costing you a little extra in comparison to Phi Phi as you need either transport of a scooter to...

Overnight oats

Breakfast, my favorite meal of the day

If you asked any of my work buddies what Nicole has for breakfast every day at work, they might not tell you exactly what it is but they can tell you I’d be eating it out of mason jar most mornings. Overnight oats were my staple for months and months...