About Me - Nicole

Nicole, FitHealthAbroad

On the 2nd of February my Fiancé and I left Sydney for a six month journey which will end in Toronto, Canada where we will then be working for one year.

We dreamed up this goal, to save enough money to be able to travel for this extended period during a previous five week trip to Asia. We wanted to be those super tanned, super relaxed people we were meeting along the way – we wanted to have endless time on our hands to explore the world.

Our trip begins in Bangkok where we will travel South East Asia (SEA) for one month following on to a flight taking us to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the 2nd of March. All we have planned currently for those five months is our Inca trail booked in for the beginning of June and two sets of tickets for the FIFA World Cup late June.

My lifestyle went through a bit of an overhaul April 1st, 2013. I started developing an understanding of “Clean Eating”, my knowledge was basically fueled by some fabulous girls I began “following” on Instagram and I went from there. I also begun a bootcamp that was run by my work twice a week, squats and kettle-bell swings became my best friends, this time last year TABATA, lunges and burpees were a foreign language to me.

My clean lifestyle that has seen my body shape considerably change going from 57.8kg down to 51.5kg, and this will now be the biggest challenge whilst traveling through countries where hand gestures and our attempts at the local tongue are our only form of communication with people preparing our food. The 2nd challenge will be fitting in training where we won’t always (basically never) be staying at accommodation with facilities and where I won’t be able to hit the road either for lack of a footpath and my general safety.

Lets see how I go ..